For both non-tax residents, and foreigners, one should consider CGT too!  By June 2019, if the new CGT tax bill is passed, even citizen of non-tax resident status will not get any CGT exemption upon sale of properties.  This issue of CGT seems to be ignored by potential foreign buyers.  Consult your tax accountant or lawyers on CGT, esp the new CGT bill.  But if you do not intend to sell before acquiring tax-resident status for sufficient duration, then CGT should not be a major concern.  

I am non-tax citizen.  But as I shall let my kid use the properties, CGT is not yet an imminent concern.  For foreign investors, CGT implications will make Aust properties not attractive at all!  I am actually thinking of selling one to realize to gain hopefully subject to lower CGT before the new tax bill is passed.  Buying Australia properties now for investment purpose may be foolish?? unless owner is a tax-resident in Australia and intend to benefit from CGT exemption upon sale.  I may be wrong.....

Gain from appreciation of property value upon sale will be subject to I think up to 50%, plus mortgage interest is high compared to HK.  Too much supply in Melbourne, but Sydney prices soaring....

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